About me

Hi! My name's Astro, but lots of people also call me Patch, Lees and That Synth Nerd, so those work well, too. This is a page about what i am and what i do, for you to understand who the hell made this site. You can scroll this page left or right using keyboard arrows or the two buttons above. Simplified version can be found here.

So, i was born on 8 Feb of 1998 in Moscow, Russia and (sadly) still live in Moscow, Russia. I am a musician, making various electronic music mainly as a bunch of characters known as Elysium Ravers, united under a roof of the fictional label Elysian Tunes! But also there are some weird side projects, serious and not very, which i'm a part of, namely: RUSSIA IS LIKE BRAZIL BUT COLDER - an amazing shitpost band by a russian and a brazilian dude [give us money so we can move to Canada], and 0xFF - an outtadimensional noisebient duo of me and my friend Old Moss.

In addition to music, i am a techie: i love mending and assembling electronics, especially sound-related. I make my own analog schems based on CMOS chips mainly : i even have a whole archive of my devices here on this site, so you might wanna check it out!

I've been messing with technical stuff since i was a kid: my first experience at destroying the system (win98 at that time) accidentally happened when i was ~5 years old (i ruined a lot of stuff that time). Disassembling the computer with my uncle to fix it afterwards got me really excited over all the ribbons, boards and tiny nice parts it had inside. I fell in love with all this stuff and explored the computer depths since then, and even attempted to make games with the GameMaker engine.

At around 12 i asked my father if he knew how people made music. "With specific programs", he said. So i asked him if he had such a program, and well, he gave me his hiphop e-jay 5 disc. Which was amazing! i loved it and even tried to synthesize my own stuff in it, despite the thing being sample-focused. At 15, i accidentally found some happy hardcore and trance tracks on the 'vkontakte' social network that just emerged; at first i was confused and didn't like them, but after a while i realized: YES, THIS IS WHAT I LOVE, IT ROCKS. So i decided to get some 'ware that has to do with making dance music instead of hiphop and the nearest thing was.... dance ejay 7. didn't go really far from what i was on. Though later, after tons of weird tracks, i found FL, and later - Ableton, which i am working in today.

I was really into games of all sorts: starting from being obsessed with 99-in-1 tetris 'brick', to DOS games my cousin installed & early WIN98/XP games - either some kids' puzzle/logic games (oh did i like those) or some arkanoids/shmups/etc. My other cousin got a GameBoy Advance SP for his 8th birthday (2005): get it - a GBA SP. In Russia, in 2005. This was something QUITE rare. He sometimes allowed me to play with it: it had that cart with 99 NES/Arcade games, and also Gadget Racers, Sonic Advance 3 and Crash. 1.5yr later, the cousin caused an event which split our lives into before and after: he asked if i wanted to have the gameboy, as he was bored with it. OBVIOUSLY i did, so i said HELL YEAH, and well.. he became an extraverted, socially active, cheerful and reliable man, and i became that what i became. No one to blame, of course. But that point is EXACTLY when i dived into the world of geekness. Also, i lurked around this site a LOT.

In 2014 i found videos about cool synths with lots of knobs and WIRES sticking out of them - what an amazing pile of weird flashing devices making strange, but pleasant sounds! I was very curious, so i dived into the world of DIY modular synths: i did a lot of mistakes, burnt a lot of parts, but it grew into a big hobby and even a small job!

That year, my musical interests tilted from 'fl studio trippy psy trance' towards 'gameboy music'. I was on FL and had no idea how to make music with GBs, but did a research and found out that i totally could do that too! I recieved my DMG-01 and 64m SmartCard, and entered the crazy world of LSDJ music making. This resonated a lot with my love towards games and characters from games, so i decided that i need a character - a 'mascot' for my music. I heavily re-designed my Sonic OC for this purpose, and got Astro The Fox, my first actually original character.

In late mid- and high-school i was writing a sci-fi story about a ton of characters and events; at one point i accidentally learned what 'furry' is and decided that we definitely need some of those 'furries' in my book. I made a big reckless half-robo one, a fox named Sixth who was silent & serious but also a raver & very cool - please don't try to get 16 y.o. me's logic - and a tiny fighter lion. A bit later, after Astro The Fox was created, i was in a band with my two friends, but they were super lazy, so after building up some stuff i gave up. Inspired by Gorillaz, i thought: "MEH, who needs other people if i can be a band MYSELF! I even have the characters from my book ready!", and that is how it all began: Astro, Alex, Smoke and Curlwond, and their first release as Elysium Ravers, 2048. Later, i did a dub EP, so i thought: if i release chiptune as Astro, i need someone to make dub? After that, i've been giving 'styles', as well as emotional meanings, to all my characters, and also gave them a home to live in, the Elysian Tunes netlabel! YES i know there's Ren/Emma who has a similar thing, NO i didn't copy the idea. I came to know and like Lapfox ~half a year after i created E.T.! Since then, my progress is easily trackable through my various resources, especially my bandcamp.

Some time has passed since all that: lots of crap has happened, about 10 new characters appeared - each with their own sense, story, emotion and style, i progressed in synth DIY to the 'builds and fills a custom-standard rack just for fun' extent, questioned my gender and sexuality and realised that i am anything and i love anything i love (agender, if you need the labels), played at lots of great events, got better at understanding people and became a bit happier! But honestly? With all those cool add-ons i am still what i've always been: just a weirdo dude who likes oldschool games and 'that arrow dancing arcade', splices up synths for fun, draws his dumb animals, likes hairbows and listens to/makes loads of obscure funny electronic music. Though i continue improving in all that, as well as picking up new stuff for my body and soul! So stay tuned & keep an eye on whatever i do - sometimes it's cool!