Ableton Instruments

Here i have a bunch of ableton rack instruments on display. Unlike hardware, which i make and show to you just to boast, these ones are software, made in Ableton's instrument or effect racks, usually with stock stuff only, without any VSTs or even MAX/MSP. Download them and use them in your tracks: it's that simple! This way you can both get some cool free weird sound generators and effects, and maybe learn something about how to make this and that - you can expand and rewire them as you wish.

Important notice - rules of fair use! I'm not going to ask you money for my stuff, it is 100% free. I am not even asking for a mandatory credit, even though i will infinitely appreciate linking back to my bandcamp. And i'm not requiring the works you made with my tools to be free - go ahead and make it paid, i you wish. BUT! i DO ask to not distribute these files elsewhere on Web - better give a link to this page. And of course you may not make any profits by selling these.

For any ideas or questions, please reach me on one of my resources.

Instruments available for download:

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