Sometimes i tap keys on the keyboard. Usually it turns out to be some not-very-senseful sentence (hence i have a Twitter) or a keymash. But sometimes... it magically turns into Python code! Usually it happens when i need to do something REAL QUICK and am too lazy to, or if i have some very Cool and Original idea, like that file corruptor, of course no one did that before.. ANYWAYS, i sometimes make stuff! And it is open source because python and PLUR. and it's here, and you can download it and use it!

So far there's not much of the stuff in there, and mostly it's some narrow-field utilities, but who knows - maybe you'll find exactly what you need...

NB! To run python source code you have to install Python. Please, find out how to do so on your OS. It's simple. Then you will need to install the add-ons that are required by my wares (listed below) - not very hard if you ever touched CMD or Terminal. (i beg you don't use installers, use pip)

Click for lib requirements...

To run my scripts without annoying lib requests, be sure to get the following (most are common and very useful):

  • appjar (gui)
  • pydub (audio)
  • pandas (nerd stuff)
  • numpy (also nerd stuff)
  • random (random numbers)
  • csv (work with csv)
  • opencv (image handling)



i was making these for my own needs, mainly for my game sample ripping project. They work for my exact case, but i cannot guarantee at all that they are universal. Still sharing them, though. These may be out of date and unstable, i barely maintain these as projects. You can also get all of them at once here (github repo/zip download).


Batch-processes all wav files in the folder: repeats N times, does a short fadeout repeat for X seconds at the end, batch-exports to multiple formats..


A small console script that generates a SoX shell/cmd command text that will concatenate a hell ton of audiofiles into one big stream. I made it for game sound ripping needs.


Trims the start and end silence of all audiofiles in a folder. Also a small simple script i use for my ripping rituals.


Finds dupes in a given folder by a set of parameters.


This one was made for fast .gif material preparation. It finds all .jpg and .png images in a given folder, and then crops/best-fits them to the user defined size.