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If you're here from outside this website: hi, i'm Aubery, music maker, synth designer, pizza devourer and general chaos incarnate. Below are links to most internet places I exist at, as well as some ways to get in touch with me. I am an extra friendly creature, so it really is OK to hit me up - just be sure to mention the reason!


Matter Inbox Domain
Elysian Tunes show bookings, music usage requests, etc etunes (@)
Commission requests and other questions related to me doing stuff for you commissions
Inquiries on lisensing of my materials (did you read this?) licensing
General, chat-around, whatever else auby


  • Bandcamp main online music display, running hot since 2014! Everything from bubblegum pop and dark ambient to YTP speedcore and chiptune amenpunk. My music is free to download and enjoy, but consider buying all 40+ releases for just $5.50!
  • Soundcloud the 'Elysian Tunes Freshest' pinboard. Old stuff gets srubbed as new stuff gets added. Use this to monitor my releases, but don't expect them to stay up forever and download them from bandcamp!
  • ETunes Youtube teasers and album stream vides: the closest to a streaming service i will ever touch. Despite my efforts, reuploads by random furries consistently outview my originals, so i don't care for it too much nowadays.


  • SFCS a side-site for synth-DIY adventures - a "researcher's notebook" of sorts, displaying the sound circuits i built over years. Although i do it for fun, i am very happy to see people assembling by my designs. You, too, can build your own synthesizer!
  • Synthfox if you're not so much a SDIYer, but own a Eurorack modular system, Auby has wares if you have coin. Admittedly not a starter pick, my commercial designs are balanced between complexity, sub-modularity and instant action.
  • Modulargrid i have a profile out there to plan my stupid little fartboxes; you can come over and take a look. Half of those are pure works of fiction, but the other half actually exists and is in musical use by me.
  • Github ran as Kouyou the dragon, this profile has a bunch of repositories. These are mostly either one-off projects, or Bright Moon Co. infrastructure bits.


  • Tumblr until i fully finalize the BMCo blogging infra for neocities, i do some tumblr. I guess it is immune from rotting completely because of how unmonetizable the userbase is.
  • Telegram preferred method of non-email communication. Best messaging app right now, at least in my books. With all the modern online community parasocialism, tiny telegram chats feel like fresh air.
  • Discord does not allow profile hotlinking, but i'm Astro8554. I'm not a group call kid at all, and i get overwhelmed in big discord servers, still i have it to talk to people who refuse to install telegram.
  • Analog Patch slow youtube with assorted videos, mostly synthesizer-centric.
  • Algorithm Dude's Crap TV videoshitposting!


  • Twitter the stinky billionaire fuckboy bought it, and i can no longer enjoy furry art, twi-shitposts and fresh speedcore in peace. Good riddance, but i can't lie - i sometimes miss when it was fun.
  • DeviantArt the name says it all. I used to post my visual stuff out there, and i no longer do.
  • Kouyousoft considered defunct because i didn't finish a single game prototype in years. Will get moved to Nerdery whenever i finally release something!