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Hello, web traveller! Welcome to my online home. I'm Aubery Lis and i like pizza, tea, mint candy, raves, bubblegum pink and acid green, sunny weather, YTPs and absurdism, and making stuff. This place is still under (re)construction! If you're looking for something that was there 2-3 months ago, check the wayback snapshot.

Primarily i make electronic music in a wide variety of genres and work with sound, extended by character design and worldbuilding for my main project, Elysian Tunes! I'm big into electronics, which reacts with sound nicely into my DIY modular synthesizers. I do visual design with a definite tilt towards maximalism, and program - both low-level and web. I'm a big lover of Decora Kei and fashion in general; body is a canvas, and i love filling it with piles of hairclips and rainbows, or a classic lolita dress for a change.

This website is both my personal online corner housing some displays and projects that i'm doing just for fun, as well as a directory of my materials that i share with everyone. You will find an assortment of personal pages, blog posts and piles of random stuff to look at, but also sound tools and samples, code bits and whole subsystems for Neocities, and even some visual assets and whatnot. Sharing is caring!

Whichever side of this site you are here for, i hope you enjoy your stay!

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Aubery anthro fox character drawing

Fresh Tunez

Cover of the freshest Elysian Tunes album

by self.DIVERS

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