Aubery Lis' Terms of Service

To not keep this boring, but important stuff at the commissions page, I'm writing out my terms of serivce here. These terms apply to everything you can commission me on - from audio works to page designs to anything else. Please, read this carefully before ordering anything! Keep in mind, that these terms are for brand new stuff (music, art, code, ...) you order from me for either your own further usage, or entertainment; stuff like "using my existing song" can be negociated over any of the communication channel.


  1. Me: Aubery Lis, the webmistress of this website. Elysian Tunes, Bright Moon Co. and other imaginary branding encountered on this site and through the links presented is also just me.
  2. You: the person who is, or collective of people who are commissioning any kind of work from me.
  3. Commission, Project: that what you are receiving from me: a song, a graphic asset, a code listing, a webpage layout, etc.
  4. Media: that what you may be making using my media as a piece. A song, a game, a movie, a website, etc.


  1. I accept payments to PayPal (EUR, USD). An international bank transfer is also an option, if PayPal is impossible.
  2. I take 50% up-front, 50% after the work is completed.
  3. I hold no royalties over any work i do: you pay once, and use forever.
  4. I will charge you 20 times the price list estimate if you are a company of over 15 people using my work in a for-profit project.
  5. A refund for any arbitrary reason is possible within a week from the up-front payment.


  1. The timeframe of project completion depends greatly on the project's nature, and is to be negotiated before any payments.
  2. I reserve the right to be two weeks overdue for whichever reason (ill, went on a trip, depressive rut). A reimbursement of the up-front payment is subject to discussion if the delay of over 14 days.
  3. You will be notified on all major steps of the project, and be able to provide commentary. It is upon you to provide meaningful feedback, so as to not reach a situation where I have to start from scratch.
  4. I may be asked to start from scratch for free exactly once, earlier than when you get the final version of the project. Each next fresh start will be 80% of the initial cost, and voids your rights to use the previously made project regardless of the state of its completeness.
  5. Your commission is delivered in these formats, unless specifically requested: audio - 24bit 44100Hz .wav, image - 24bit .png, code - .zip archive with plaintext files of correct extensions.


  1. Unless negotiated beforehands, you receive all the rights to the commission you receive within the scope of the presented idea. Example: you have no right to put the music you commissioned from me as a catgirl dating simulator soundtrack in a cringe NFT AI gambling mobile game.
  2. I retain my right to present the 'finished project' type commission (e.g. a full song, an image) at my own online resources as either examples of my work or as part of my personal, non-profit online displays. Sound commissions might become part of my name-your-price albums at my Bandcamp.
  3. I retain my right to reuse the 'building parts' type commission (e.g. audio samples, graphic assets) in my own works. Such works may not be strictly for-profit, but may be name-your-price.

Stuff i will not take on

I'm happy to work, but there are some requests and conditions i am just not going to work with. This includes:

  1. Making anything that includes any hatred towards an immutable attribute of a person (race, nationality, gender, appearence, etc).
  2. Making anything to deal with p3dophilia, age-regression, and such. This includes stuff like "mastering a lolicore track with the respective sounds sampled".
  3. Making anything that is to be further used in a project related to artificial "intelligence" (machine learning), forced-scarcity systems (e.g. NFT), online gambling, and such.
  4. Working for exposure, likes, promotion, fortnite currency, and anything like that.
  5. Working under verbal pressure and/or without attention to my commentary or advice on a sphere or skill i am commissioned for.

I also may decide not to work for you for any other arbitrary reason, e.g. if you're making yet another 3-in-row game and need my music (yes, this happened). I take on most projects that are interesting and not blatantly profit-driven, though.